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Rejsebrev fra Alua i forbindelse med hendes deltagelse i FIG dommerkursus:

I have attended FIG International Judges’ Course of the XIV cycle, which was held 15-21 May 2017 in Kuala Lumpur. The course was conducted by the designated Experts and was organized in accordance with the following FIG rules:

- RG Code of Points 2017-2020
- RG Code of Points Errata 2017-2020
- FIG General Judges’ Rules Cycle 2017-2020
- Fid Statutes 2017
- FIG Technical Regulations 2017

In order to participate in this FIG Judges’ Course, judges with category 1,2,3,4 or the highest national brevet could participate. Total there were 50 participants from all over the world. The course was held in English language. In this course, we could obtain two different brevets:

- 1 Brevet for Individual (RGI)
- 1 Brevet for Group (RGG)
A judge could choose to have either both brevets or only one.

The course was divided into 5 days, every day from 09.00-17.00, at the end we had 2 days exam.
We had 2 experts from FIG. They have explained to us the new code of Points very well with a lot of videos, examples, and pictures. The first days we focused on the difficulty (D) of Individual and Group programmes. They explained to us what we should take into the consideration when we judge D1, D2 or D3, D4. It is very important to see what gymnast does with her apparatus while doing her difficulty, the gymnast can not repeat the same work with apparatus, in each element it has to be different work, the only exception is series of jumps or pivots. When we judge D3, D4 we have to check if the gymnast does all the criteria’s for the risk or apparatus difficulty, for example, if gymnast has 2 rotations of 360degrees each in the risk or if she does not interrupt rotations. The next days we focused on the execution, which was very well explained. In execution we have 2 panels, one is responsible for the technical mistakes and another one is for the artistic. In order to explain execution, our experts started with the history of Gymnastics and later with a lot videos, where we could see how to judge execution. At the end of each day, we could ask experts questions and discuss topics we didn’t understand. 
At the end of the course we had exam. The exam was divided into 2 parts. The first part is theory, which consisted of 100 questions. The second part was practical, where we had to judge 40 gymnasts.

I think FIG International Judges’ Course helped me a lot, I have learnt a lot of new things and I feel very confident in judging. Also I have met many professional coaches from different countries, hopefully we can work together and exchange the knowledge.

Alua Bekturova
info@rgfriendsdenmark.dk - CVR 36142944