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Læs FIG præsident Grandis reflektioner over RIO 2016 givet i et interview til Maria Pia Beltran, AIPS Media (Association International de la Presse):

Rio 2016 a success, but gymnastics needs to return to roots

How did FIG President Bruno Grandi evaluate the Games? AIPS met the head of International Gymnastics Federation to hear his opinion on the future of the sport.

RIO 2016 “We can be satisfied with the organization of Rio 2016, which lived up to our expectations and for certain things even surpassed our expectations. I also must give my compliments to our staff who worked so hard to make gymnastics what it was in Rio 2016."

BILES AND ACROBATICS “Simone Biles is a wonderful gymnast, there is not much more to add. Everybody can see how amazing she is. Unfortunately, in this recent years the trend in gymnastics was to concentrate more on the acrobatic aspects of routines, and hence loosing a bit of aesthetic focus. This is not what I wanted to see at the end of my career. I would have preferred that gymnastics remained ‘artistic’, this is the name of the discipline.
Exactly as I would have liked that rhythmic to remained ‘rhythmic’ meaning that the exercise follows the storytelling of the music. This isn't the case though, as I am afraid "spectacularization" has taken over.

FUTURE OF THE SPORT "I think that in the future, the points system will need to go back to focus on the estethical and rhythmic part. In rhythmics, we have the triple World champion Yana Kudryavtseva – Rio 2016 silver medallist which is something out of this world, she is like from another planet. To say about her that she is wonderful is possibly underestimate her value.

Concerning artistic gymnastics, I was extremely happy that in Women’s Beam was won by the Dutch gymnast Sanne Wevers. She was definetely the one who deserved gold, as her routine was executed both technically and estethically at the highest level. These are the values we need to recover in our sport. Going back to the roots of gymnastics is something that I have started to see in the majority of apparatus routines."

POINTS SYSTEM “I would like to add that I am happy about the FIG Code: as you may know the division between the points given for difficulty and the exercise execution was my executive decision in a world where everybody was telling me that I was going to ruin the sport. I did not, fortunately."

I think today we can see the final effects of that decision: the gymnast who executes difficult routines and does it stylistically well, is the one who gets the most points. The one who executes difficult routines without any focus on the aesthetical will lose to those doing less difficult routines stylistically well. This is the big meaning behind the transformation I launched, maybe the best thing I’ve done in all my years [as FIG president].”


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